Choosing the Best Starting Stats in Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is an immensely popular open-world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, with one of the key choices at the beginning being selecting starting stats – these stats determine your character’s abilities and strengths throughout gameplay. Here we discuss which are considered ideal starting stats in Fallout 4, along with any impact they can have on gameplay.


Strength is an integral stat in Fallout 4, as it determines both your carrying capacity and melee damage output. For melee-focused playstyles, allocating more points towards Strength would be wise; otherwise if relying more heavily on ranged weapons or companions is your style then less should go towards this stat.


Perception affects your accuracy in VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) and your ability to detect enemies. If you enjoy using VATS and want to be a sharpshooter, investing points in Perception is a wise choice. However, if you prefer a more stealthy approach or rely on companions for combat, you can allocate fewer points to this stat.


Endurance determines your overall health and resistance to radiation and environmental hazards, so if you plan on engaging in combat or exploring potentially hazardous areas frequently it is recommended that a sufficient number of points are allocated toward Endurance; otherwise for more diplomatic or stealthy play styles fewer points need be allotted for this stat.


Charisma affects your ability to persuade and negotiate with NPCs, as well as your success in speech checks. If you enjoy engaging in conversations and want to have more options when dealing with NPCs, investing points in Charisma is a good idea. However, if you prefer a more combat-focused playstyle, you can allocate fewer points to this stat.


Intelligence affects your ability to hack terminals and use energy-based weapons. If you enjoy exploring and want to access locked areas or use powerful energy weapons, investing points in Intelligence is recommended. However, if you prefer a more straightforward combat style or rely on other skills, you can allocate fewer points to this stat.


Agility affects your overall mobility, sneakiness, and the number of action points available in VATS. If you enjoy a stealthy and agile playstyle or rely heavily on VATS, it is recommended to allocate points to Agility. However, if you prefer a more direct combat approach or rely on companions, you can allocate fewer points to this stat.


Luck impacts both your critical hit rate and loot found. To maximize chances of finding rare items or improve critical hits, investing points into Luck may be worthwhile; otherwise a more balanced playstyle or focus on different skills may call for allocating less points here.


Selecting the optimal starting stats in Fallout 4 is a personal decision based on your preferred playstyle and strengths and weaknesses of each stat, along with how they align with desired gameplay experiences. Allocation your starting stats wisely will enhance the enjoyment of this game immensely!