Jenna Ortega Dressed Up as Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend

Halloween has long been known for stunning celebrity costume transformations, and 2021 was no different. One of the most talked-about transformations this year was actress Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Pete Davidson’s girlfriend on social media – Jenna is known for roles such as in TV series such as You and Jane the Virgin.

Ortega’s costume was an accurate portrayal of Davidson’s reported girlfriend, whom has recently made headlines for being on-and-off again with him. The actress donned a bleach-blonde wig, an oversized sweatshirt, and baggy jeans to capture her laid-back and effortlessly cool aesthetic.

Ortega paid attention to every detail, not only when choosing her outfit but also in replicating the girlfriend’s signature tattoos, such as a small heart on her cheek and arm full of ink. Fans and fellow celebrities were left stunned as they witnessed Ortega’s transformation on Halloween day.

The costume choice created a stir online, with fans discussing who Davidson’s girlfriend may be while also applauding Ortega for her dedication. Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions; one user even joked if Ortega had secretly taken over that role in his life!

While Davidson has yet to name his girlfriend, Ortega’s costume has added fuel to the speculation. Her dedication and hard work in creating such a spectacular transformation speak volumes about both her talent and dedication to her craft – proof that Ortega isn’t only an accomplished actress but an impressive person as well.